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DC area restaurant owner kicks out Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family    06/24/18  (135)
!!! OFFICIAL XO Germany - TLS Sweden world cup thread (v2.0) !!!    06/24/18  (103)
Im warning you again: DO NOT GET MARRIED. Dont fucking do it.    06/24/18  (79)
anyone wanna rate my wife's body?    06/24/18  (52)
Libs why do you think your party is the educated party?    06/23/18  (49)
Australia poster here taking questions about Australia    06/24/18  (48)
180: Wagecucks fighting back by "ghosting" employers    06/23/18  (47)
Intelligent design is most likely to be true    06/23/18  (47)
What industries are not ruined by liberalism?    06/24/18  (45)
Seth Rogen to Paul Ryan's kids: "Fuck off, I don't want a picture with you"    06/24/18  (42)
Had my first threesome, ask questions if you like    06/23/18  (42)
Stuck at the apple "genius" bar because my gf's phone stopped working    06/23/18  (40)
Per capita, which U.S. city has the most beautiful-looking people?    06/23/18  (40)
Numb to Outrage, Republican Voters Feel a Deepening Bond to Trump [NYT]    06/23/18  (38)
Guitar Bros: Where do you rank David Gilmour?    06/24/18  (37)
I cannot believe I let my wife talk me into going to Disney World    06/24/18  (36)
Dear god, read this piece in the WaPo about evicting Sara Huckabee Sanders    06/24/18  (35)
RATE these pictures of the GOT girls. LJL White Women Edition.    06/24/18  (35)
IT BEGINS: Prominent lib calls for OPEN BORDERS in the New Yorker:    06/24/18  (32)
So, what % of black dudes will secretly vote Trump?    06/23/18  (30)
Shitty breakfast cereal you love but are ashamed to admit?    06/24/18  (29)
CNN: Friday afternoon news drop... OK no actual seperation of young kids    06/23/18  (29)
2018 will be a red wave, book it    06/24/18  (27)
xo doesn't mock bort cryptofaggots enough    06/24/18  (27)
t bone what did you score de la Hoya-Mayweather?    06/24/18  (24)
Best to die a peaceful death while still relatively young?    06/24/18  (24)
Rate this tweet from Joe Kennedy III mocking white guys    06/23/18  (24)
lol @ johnny depp ruining his life    06/23/18  (24)
Teacher busted for have sex with 15 year old girl student (HUGE twist(    06/24/18  (24)
Does it bother you that innocent people are rotting in prisons you pay for?    06/23/18  (22)
Worst thing about atheists is that they brag about not believing in god    06/24/18  (21)
/*\ U.K. police hunt FB posters of "offensive" comments about muslim rapists /*\    06/23/18  (21)
Do you remember having feelings?    06/23/18  (21)
LOL @ the Dallas shooter just sitting there like a retard as a robot blew him up    06/24/18  (20)
"So what was Machu Picchu like?" you ask your date as she checks her phone    06/24/18  (20)
my car sent me an email, wtf    06/23/18  (20)
wife missed her flight home so I drank a bottle of Barolo at a wine bar while re    06/24/18  (19)
XOXO Fictionmos: Best prose stylists ever?    06/24/18  (19)
i spent all day in the office, swam some laps, wife took kid to see jurassic par    06/23/18  (19)
wmtp, I unretired just to let you know I'm thrilled about your outing (PF)    06/24/18  (18)
This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Had Realistic Proportions    06/24/18  (18)
Does anyone here use LinkedIn?    06/23/18  (18)
Why would someone marry a 30+ year old white woman?    06/24/18  (18)
I'd like to have a LTR, but I'm insufferable. Is this doable?    06/23/18  (18)
For, when Rome was freed of the fear of Carthage, and her rival in empire was    06/23/18  (18)
if u were like robinson crusoe and had to make yr own chair how bad would it be?    06/23/18  (18)
whok, I will be in Brisbane in November, wanna met up? (PF)    06/23/18  (17)
foreigners, fiercely loyal to their own countries, posing as "US" libs    06/24/18  (17)