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Just took a pumo to a mediation... (CSLG)    08/16/18  (78)
Married couple making $1 million/yr able to save $54k/yr (link)    08/16/18  (71)
V20 callback interviewer taking questions    08/16/18  (61)
Media unleashes coordinated editorial-board attack - Trump bends the knee (link)    08/16/18  (53)
New Frontline on Charlottesville    08/16/18  (50)
Hillary Clinton: Aborting 60 million babies added $3.5 trillion to the economy    08/16/18  (49)
Who is your favorite President of the United States? Pic one from each party.    08/16/18  (47)
who is *the* most credited 20th century philosopher?    08/16/18  (45)
Notre Dame alternate uniform.    08/16/18  (45)
#1 strategy Trump/GOP can pursue: pointedly asking whites: 'do you want to be a    08/16/18  (44)
Pencil necked geeks ruined MLB, saved NBA    08/16/18  (43)
attention to detail is extremely womanly    08/16/18  (42)
New poll shows Trump's black support up to 36% (link)    08/16/18  (36)
How much would repealing celibacy help the Catholic rape problem?    08/16/18  (35)
LA Times: we're not gonna attack Trump like other papers (twist)    08/16/18  (34)
PSA: Paying your mortgage is *not* a form of savings    08/16/18  (33)
idea: tax rate capped at 5% up to 500K earnings, millionaires taxed 70%+    08/16/18  (33)
Motherhood is a Tool of White Supremacy (Jezebel)    08/16/18  (32)
REMINDER: catholic priests dont molest anymore than non-catholic preachers    08/16/18  (32)
What are some nice brands of slacks i can order    08/16/18  (32)
Looking back, it's shocking how oblivious I was to girls crushing on me    08/16/18  (32)
DTP taking questions on 21 y/o fob asian slut (DTP)    08/15/18  (32)
More Strikeouts Than Hits? Welcome to Baseballs Latest Crisis (NYT)    08/16/18  (30)
Sascha Baron cohen tells trump supporters about their new glorious mosque    08/16/18  (28)
Guy robs people's home with gun, gets killed, media calls him a victim(Australia    08/16/18  (27)
my infertility might be caused by chlamydia    08/16/18  (27)
Colorado sues the SAME baker, this time for not baking a tranny cake (link)    08/16/18  (27)
Manafort jury sends note to judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!    08/16/18  (25)
Joel Osteen: Why is it that we only let our    08/16/18  (25)
Mom Called PDDJ's Mom Antisemite For Comments On Brother's Wife's Family    08/16/18  (24)
Tried to "give it to" my wife based on the xo thread and now she's mad at me    08/16/18  (24)
Low IQ tell: Being anti "socialism"    08/15/18  (24)
Queer Eye star attacked after saying Not all Republicans are racist    08/16/18  (23)
Rate this nasty bitch lawyer's harassment of Masterpiece Cakeshop    08/16/18  (23)
I cannot cum from sex when I am drunk    08/16/18  (21)
new Omarosa recording about to drop    08/16/18  (20)
Remember when Gore called Bush back to UNconcede?    08/16/18  (20)
Weird how modern leftists never protest/attack corporate targets    08/16/18  (18)
Chinese migrants in Africa    08/16/18  (18)
Cousin sending 9 year old son to 90% black school in Flint, MI. Not flame.    08/15/18  (18)
Disney World employee dies after falling into a VAT OF OIL    08/15/18  (18)
Lmao at you MAF cumskins complaining about Crazy Rich Asian. Are you jealous?    08/16/18  (17)
Art idea: "Piss Christ"    08/16/18  (17)
Crossfit guy saves car crash victims by hitting big tire with sledgehammer (link    08/16/18  (17)
I wrote a crossword mini for the great boart. Should only take you a minute. Enj    08/16/18  (17)
Jfc baseball is starting to become niggerball as well    08/16/18  (17)
Do u ever think about how your drafts will survive u on the biglaw doc system?    08/15/18  (17)