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Evgenia vs Alina - 11:32:30 PM ET Tonight. Get Your Hard Penises Ready    02/23/18  (191)
Coward Florida cop caught standing outside school during shooting    02/23/18  (100)
Why did Jim choose dowdy mousy Pam over hot cool Karen?    02/23/18  (70)
RATE This Valparaiso U Cheerleader (PICS)    02/23/18  (65)
What are you + your SOs heights?    02/22/18  (64)
did my undergrad friend *settle* (pic)    02/22/18  (62)
xo Tennis Crew, ever consider meetup for doubles in MFH? #tennis    02/22/18  (57)
Should the coward Florida cop put a gun in his mouth?    02/23/18  (54)
Former judicial clerk. Ask me about how little I did    02/23/18  (52)
Hilarious how "scientific enlightenment" atheists got pwned by SJWs    02/22/18  (52)
If TEZOS hits $69 by 6-9-18 I will give 69 XTZ to the first 69 poasters ITT    02/23/18  (47)
brb bros. getting married    02/23/18  (44)
Have to admit to you guys. You know how you all thought I have BIGCOCK, well...    02/23/18  (42)
AI and automation will create a permanent underclass    02/23/18  (41)
Which poaster are you most envious of?    02/22/18  (40)
Getting impatient watching Mueller feast on appetizers    02/23/18  (39)
Whats your go-to cocktail?    02/22/18  (38)
LA mayor Eric Garcetti appears to be running for president:    02/22/18  (38)
good weekend trip for a single bro in March?    02/22/18  (37)
So cons want more guns in schools even though they refuse to act during shooting    02/23/18  (34)
RATE This Jewess With Enormous Tits In Venice (PIC)    02/22/18  (34)
Rate my choice of mom vehicle.    02/22/18  (33)
Was Star Wars at $4 billion really that good of a deal?    02/23/18  (32)
Best way to "give up"?    02/22/18  (31)
what % of RSF's "conquests" are either straight up hookers or SA girls?    02/23/18  (30)
How Badly Is Gorsuch Annoying the Other Justices?    02/22/18  (30)
Olympics look like a total bust    02/23/18  (29)
Real talk: as a single bro you can live pretty well making 200k in MFH    02/23/18  (29)
Coward cop is a BOOMER and gonna get a FULL PENSION    02/23/18  (29)
So Pederestrian is a loser sexpat who self deported to Eastern Europe ?    02/23/18  (28)
No homo, but kids need to be cooler towards each other at school.    02/23/18  (28)
Serious Q: Is national debt really just going to go up forever?    02/23/18  (27)
The decadence or the mid-2000s was pretty grotesque in hindsight    02/23/18  (27)
If you had a fucking website for your wedding you're a huge faggot    02/23/18  (27)
Armed cop on duty at Parkland hid while school was being shot up    02/22/18  (27)
ANNUAL REVIEW COMING UP - how to pressure boss?    02/23/18  (27)
How often do you masturbate when not getting laid?    02/23/18  (26)
xo doesn't explore this: your DAD judges you based on your sexual selection    02/23/18  (26)
Made over 100k in shitlaw last year finally    02/22/18  (26)
white women: superior hardware, running garbage software    02/23/18  (25)
What %age of male gun nuts are compensating for sense of sexual inadequacy?    02/23/18  (25)
Woman chases down her mugger; treats him to coffee (link)    02/23/18  (25)
LETS RAGE BROS 42 year old RSF hollers as he cannonballs into Mykonos pool    02/23/18  (24)
Bros, I really need your help. Should I take this job offer?    02/23/18  (24)
CSLG literally saved chandlers life    02/23/18  (24)
lol. imagine being that guard who was too much of a pussy to go into the school    02/23/18  (23)
A militarized culture that compensates soldiers with debt forgiveness    02/23/18  (23)
RATE this pic of Medvedeva showing labia #DBG    02/23/18  (22)
What does a dood with no friends do about a wedding    02/22/18  (22)