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Canada already has 4K sports on cable    06/22/17  (18)
When I go to the grocery store now I imagine the clerks all have secret lives    06/22/17  (12)
I just heard idiot Rush Limbaugh on the radio praising Trump so I called in    06/22/17  (11)
Girl I work with got drunk and claimed to be dating coworker she barely knew    06/22/17  (9)
WLMAS what did you do for Father's Day?    06/22/17  (6)
How fucked are you if you have a felony for money laundering & tax evasion    06/22/17  (6)
evan39 proles are easily tricked out of all their money by scams    06/22/17  (5)
Is it easy to get away with hiding assets/income to get welfare?    06/23/17  (4)
Libs can you explain why you want MS-13 gang members killing people here?    06/22/17  (4)
Is "Hard Times" by Paramore the big musical hit of 2017?    06/22/17  (4)
Do you earn cash back rewards when using credit card on coinbase?    06/22/17  (3)
At what level of net worth should you buy your first monster truck?    06/22/17  (3)
Hey uni POTUSes: standing up to SHITLIBS would cause enrollment to skyrocket HTH    06/22/17  (3)
Reminder: GOP has the votes to pass senate bill    06/22/17  (3)
Libs, how does it feel that you are now at the fringes of society?    06/22/17  (3)
Asian bro with 4.0 applied to 73 different colleges & got rejected by all (link)    06/23/17  (2)
"I am from the government and I am here to help"    06/23/17  (2)
if the Feds suspect that i have committed a crime, do they monitor my internet a    06/23/17  (2)
Would you rather be buttfucked by a nigger or have a group interview for a job    06/22/17  (2)
How much are rich folks going to save with Trumpcare??    06/22/17  (2)
FYI: Knockout game is not random. There is a complex algorithm at play    06/22/17  (2)
Lived in california for 10 hears and never heard anyone say "no worries" ljl at    06/23/17  (1)
how prestigious is Tony Rackauckas    06/23/17  (1)
10 Orange County lawyers charged with workers comp fraud, a felony    06/23/17  (1)
180 that all these TrumpBumps are burying crypto faggot threads    06/22/17  (1)
Crooked sherriff and his outlaw gang buried million$ worth of gold    06/22/17  (1)
Stock market has turned into a complete casino    06/22/17  (1)
Ambulance had "You obviously love great medical care" printed on the back    06/22/17  (1)
What are my chances at landing an E8 firm at OCI?    06/22/17  (1)
Tech billionaire announces "bounty" for pristine unbumped election threads (link    06/22/17  (1)