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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
RATE the accuracy of this "Meida Bias Chart" (link)    08/20/18  (2)
How much do you think David Hogg paid NYMag to publish this?    08/20/18  (7)
Ivy Educated Law Shrew Who Eschewed Having a Family Offs Herself at 46    08/20/18  (5)
John Brennan wearing 5 pairs of pants: "wait i havent put my pants on yet"    08/20/18  (2)
US Steel to invest $750M in Indiana plant, citing tariffs (link)    08/20/18  (8)
Is putting down <20% and paying PMI always a bad idea?    08/20/18  (21)
watch this fat cop run down and tackle suspect who had a 40+ yard head start    08/20/18  (3)
Dopey John Brennan now claims he didnt mean Trump committed treason    08/20/18  (19)
like Sarah Jeong, Asia Argento was a victim 'parodying' her victimizers    08/20/18  (2)
Priest-less Roman Catholicism not that farfetched    08/20/18  (4)
South Africa is a warning    08/20/18  (144)
Poke bowls were invented by chefs too lazy to make sushi rolls    08/20/18  (6)
*Circle of Life plays as South Africa begins to seize white-owned farms*    08/20/18  (11)
*Peterman singing "gotta catch 'em all!" but it's not Pokemon, it's STDs*    08/20/18  (1)
"US" media/academia so unhinged b/c 40yr marxism campaign died abruptly Nov 8    08/20/18  (1)
#MeToo leader Asia Argento paid off sexual accuser (link)    08/20/18  (2)
are aliens inter dimensional or extra terrestrial?    08/20/18  (2)
HS girls embarass themselves chasing after biglawers like they do    08/20/18  (4)
I am actually not a huge fan of French food    08/20/18  (3)
Jurors would not be taking this long to acquit Manafort    08/20/18  (36)
Frog and Toad Advised to Remain Silent on Priest Scandal by Counsel    08/20/18  (2)
"Men's preference for younger women is another sign of masculinity in crisis"    08/20/18  (56)
THE | ARCHAIC | REVIVAL    08/20/18  (1)
what IS going on?!?    08/20/18  (4)
"I Used the N-Word in 3rd Grade. This is My Confession" (Slate 46yo)    08/20/18  (3)
my astounding and beautiful nimrod lmfao    08/20/18  (8)
Rate this Czech former porn star turned NPC bikini competitor    08/20/18  (4)
*Lawman8, when you try to enter his pillow fort* "No offense, but no Jews"    08/20/18  (1)
wife of mine got vag smashed w/pipe repeatedly by Brooklyn hindus (PDDJ)    08/20/18  (11)
The funniest Trump defense: "explain his sanctions on Russia."    08/20/18  (27)
Trump: why does everyone want to keep their security clearances? (Link)    08/20/18  (7)
bro of mine got his ear smashed w/pipe and punched repeatedly by Brooklyn dindus    08/20/18  (44)
When you really think about it, vaginas have zero appeal    08/20/18  (4)
Femininity in Crisis    08/20/18  (1)
Girls who don't shave their ass area around their pussy    08/20/18  (6)
hey bloodacre    08/20/18  (11)
Trump WH BENDS THE KNEE, fires speechwriter who did nothing wrong (link)    08/20/18  (15)
This place has hexavalent chromium level toxicity    08/20/18  (1)
"OOHH EES DIS PROLE TELL?" Darsh moaned as he fired ropes into PDDJ's asshole    08/20/18  (41)
Gonna be seriously lulzy when RSF gets blueballpwn3d in Seoul this month    08/20/18  (97)
Dorian Gray with a young lawyer whose face becomes more & more ratlike    08/20/18  (2)
Trump should pardon Obama    08/20/18  (44)
LMAO I wonder what RSF wrote his YLS 250 essay about hm...    08/20/18  (8)
Antifa in Austin TX this Saturday    08/20/18  (1)
Reminder: Christianity is Jew Flame    08/20/18  (3)
Joel Osteen is one creepy fuck    08/20/18  (27)
Is late Nov-early Dec too late to visit Italy?    08/20/18  (6)
Purdue dorms trigger millennials    08/20/18  (10)
hey boner police    08/20/18  (6)
Kaepernick to lie in a coffin during National Anthem to protest Trump    08/20/18  (19)
Still have not seen a woman driver in Saudi yet (Sickly)    08/20/18  (2)
A throng of high school blondes wear jean thongs. Disgusting video makes news    08/20/18  (4)
Best time of year to visit Japan and South Korea?    08/20/18  (6)
Why hasn't Paris Hilton borne children? Her body can't support life?    08/20/18  (1)
This country has gone to total shit thanks to libs. Btw, fucked a tight teen spi    08/20/18  (1)
Reminder: Hitler's crime was VIOLATING NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY    08/20/18  (9)
Omarosa states her final tape could bring down the administration.    08/20/18  (85)
Jacobin: Trump is right, the media is fake news.    08/20/18  (4)
Name the most PRESTIGIOUS HOTEL in the following CITIES    08/20/18  (208)
Didnt learn till well into 2000s that blacks rampaged on whites when MLK died    08/20/18  (25)
Who was the least talented member of Led Zeppelin?    08/20/18  (30)
The darker a negro's skin, the more l have a desire to shit on their face    08/20/18  (3)
Staying in a hostel room with two 16yo British girls    08/20/18  (104)
I got dinged by a coworker, feels so shitty    08/20/18  (55)
*enters Peterman's apartment* *sniffs bowling pin in corner* "Ugh, jesus"    08/20/18  (39)
23andme: 11% of female saliva samples found to contain male dna (link)    08/20/18  (11)
Alyernate timeline: President Yeb! in Kaepernick jersey, kneeling with Colin at    08/20/18  (21)
Any more ridiculous yet foreseeable millennial trend than the man bun?    08/20/18  (1)
Boomers: Every other commercial on TV listing side effects to Beach Boys music    08/20/18  (1)
lmao the ABA has an instagram account. It's worse than you imagine    08/20/18  (38)
Elvis - Stimhouse Cock    08/20/18  (15)
Asia Argento fucked and sucked 7 year old boy then paid him off.    08/20/18  (1)
Almost 5 years of no FB, no major social media, no major periodical reading    08/20/18  (21)
Redskins run out of tunnel over BLM flag (vid)    08/20/18  (2)
Followed XO stock advice and this happened    08/20/18  (5)
Taking VIOLA lessons via Skype with a dude in London    08/20/18  (9)
A future Dem POTUS and congress will have to revoke Trump's security clearance    08/20/18  (17)
*grandma, placing down martini & leaning in to give you hug, burns you with cig*    08/20/18  (4)
6'4" Barron waving at a fire hydrant    08/20/18  (33)
Is sweden going to UNCUCK in these elections?    08/20/18  (4)
Is the girth of my cock above average? NSFW    08/20/18  (12)
Has anyone violently thrown cellphone when "Get ready for work Alarm" goes off?    08/20/18  (1)
Asia Argento: "Perpetrators sit among you!....like me, haha."    08/20/18  (1)
Happy MONDAY. Enjoy your coffee aka CaPiTaLiSm jUiCe    08/20/18  (3)
If your GF/Wife still aren't Trump fans, your pimp hand is way too weak.    08/20/18  (2)
Fucking NSA spook faggots    08/20/18  (3)
So there was literally a slack group that shilled coins with alts and lawman8    08/20/18  (4)
Whispy goth-lite girls with Velma glasses reciting NWA lyrics.    08/20/18  (15)
"US" media: "a critical press is good for America!" *throws panties at Obama*    08/20/18  (10)
*your dad staring into space while your lesbian aunts discuss Lillith Fair*    08/20/18  (1)
Democracy Needs the Press as the Opposition Party    08/20/18  (66)
WMTP, I'm standing outside your home, watching you    08/20/18  (13)
Young church girl hands on my penis is probably the hottest thing rn    08/20/18  (3)
Your mom asking your aunt what "SPH" is. Your aunt answering, "A blast."    08/20/18  (5)
Third time your aunt has "spilled" a drink on her chest this month    08/20/18  (7)
anyone else excited about manafort's acquittal today?    08/20/18  (5)
Your aunt casually mentioning, "Ive gotta spend way less time on pornhub"    08/20/18  (8)
Hung jury might be the worst outcome for Manafort    08/20/18  (1)
Realtalk: I'm against abortion because I want to control women's bodies    08/20/18  (2)
Can't stop lolling at the CIA security clearance "Philip Mudd" meltdown clip    08/20/18  (23)
Barron has really matured!!!!! I wouldn't button top button though    08/20/18  (4)
Trump speechwriter defends appearance @ white nationalist conference, won't quit    08/20/18  (26)
"Crazy Smelly Indians" not exactly tearing it up at the box office    08/20/18  (5)
Florida mayor excoriates Latina commissioner for bleaching her anus (vid)    08/20/18  (21)
Rick Scott literally murdering Florida's shores w pollution, still has my vote    08/20/18  (1)
Wouldn't it be better if the BEST team got the first pick in the next draft?    08/20/18  (8)
Would you rather be castrated, or live for a single day as Obeezy?    08/20/18  (6)
Indians bring their rape to U.S., convicted w/ 0 years    08/20/18  (12)
Utilities subsidizing Amazon datacenters, charging consumers higher prices    08/20/18  (4)
obeezy and loans originated tp dunking on their Canadian girlfriends    08/20/18  (1)
Kissing, but through the internet and with Scholarship.    08/20/18  (7)
Diamond at LLWS different dimensions than MLB diamond?    08/20/18  (8)
Biglawyers, read this JDU thread if youre feeling depressed about work    08/20/18  (15)
2 Girls Call For Help After Bike Broke Down, 11 Came To Rape Them GUESS COUNTRY!    08/20/18  (6)
Reminder: Napoleon didnt exist    08/20/18  (7)
Since 1965 40x as many Dems have been indicted as Republicans    08/20/18  (1)
ARISE WAGECUCKS! Another week of service to your ratfaced masters awaits!    08/20/18  (31)
Shitlibs back to forcememing "Trump unwell" / 25th amendment coup    08/20/18  (5)
Rate my arms (ragnus)    08/20/18  (48)
knowing that WLMAS is a black sandy hook weirdo, makes me think he should be ban    08/20/18  (40)
What is life in prison like?    08/20/18  (13)
Getting impatient watching Mueller feast on appetizers    08/20/18  (53)
WLMAS can you please stop spamming the front page with your shit threads tyia    08/20/18  (3)
Ukraine is a 180 homogenous society    08/20/18  (47)
Councel    08/20/18  (2)
Been watching a lot of Monk reruns lately (2002-2009). Culture has changed a lot    08/20/18  (37)
best podcast in years: Forbidden Knowledge interview w Bellcurve author C Murray    08/20/18  (17)
libs are mad about Russia buying Facebook ads    08/20/18  (5)
Your gf Googling blue text law board    08/20/18  (15)
How on earth did this woman survive?    08/20/18  (7)
*chemically castrates a lawyer*    08/20/18  (2)
Weinstein email to Podesta: "Thanks for the pizza. Loved the walnut sauce!"    08/20/18  (49)
Fat Plodding Law Beaver-you weren't joking re: paulie walnuts    08/20/18  (28)
What goes on INSIDE Pizza Hut restaurants these days?    08/20/18  (160)
told richkid HS junior I'm tutoring for SAT that I would kill his whole family    08/20/18  (39)
Travelmos: Anyone Been To ALGERIA?    08/20/18  (7)
Today in Russian crime    08/20/18  (39)
LOL TEENS BRO!    08/20/18  (3)
Daily Stoic, 8/20/18    08/20/18  (4)
evan this city is a fucking hellhole    08/20/18  (11)
Might and Magic 2 (1988)    08/20/18  (8)
Your grandchild laughing as zhe reads about the "Crypto Craze" of 2016-2018.    08/20/18  (2)
not a news guy, but has John Kelly quit the WH yet?    08/20/18  (2)
Northwestern professor studies "black anality" (ACP get ITT and defend ur TTT)    08/20/18  (7)
what do nfl players bench (excluding wrs, cbs, qbs and special teams obv)?    08/20/18  (4)
In hindsight this have been sign of crypto bubble    08/20/18  (15)
46 year old XO Jagr to keep playing    08/20/18  (1)
Lol - ICE detainee with pregnant wife had a homicide warrant out    08/20/18  (5)
We did receive your Expert Mode application. Sit, sit. *motions    08/20/18  (21)

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